The Schedule

10:00 am GMT | Wendy Power-Stoten | A warm welcome and intro to day

                          | Why | FAST practitioners Making a FAST difference

10:20 am GMT | Nerine Skinner | Tapping into the funny

                          | Wigwam (Tea ‘n’ Pee)

11:15 am GMT | Peta Stapleton | How research translates into practice

                          | Re-energise | Morika Magic

12:10 pm GMT | Susie Shelmerdine | Golden Nuggets around Our Money Issues

12:30 pm GMT | Janice Thompson | Golden Nuggets around Grief and Loss

12:50pm GMT | Lunch

1:30pm GMT | Nerine Skinner | Sketch: Iwona questions “Who needs tapping?”

1:35pm GMT | Wendy Power-Stoten | Climbing mountains, surfing waves, slaying monsters

                          | Why | FAST practitioners Making a FAST difference

2:05pm GMT | Sunita Pattani |  PTSD?….or not! What we all need to know about trauma

                          | Re-energise | Morika Magic

2:45 pm GMT | Kim Marshall | Golden Nuggets around Eating Disorders

                          | Wigwam (Tea ‘n’ Pee)

3:10 pm GMT |Judy Bartkowiak  | Golden nuggets for Children and Teen anxiety

                               | Nerine Skinner Sketch- Iwona’s Golden Nugget self-help tips!

3:45pm GMT | Andrea Bird | Matrix Collective Consciousness

4:20pm GMT |Wendy Power Stoten | Community celebration close


Main Presenters

Top Golden Nuggets Tips

Breaks & Re-energising


Golden Nuggets

Last year so many of you commented how helpful the ‘golden nuggets’ were from our specialist speakers, so this year we have picked some hot, and often tricky, topics to help you in your practice.

4 amazing specialists will be giving us invaluable…

Top Golden Nugget Tips:

  • If your client comes with Grief & Loss – Janice Thompson
  • If your client comes with Eating Disorders – Kim Marshall
  • for Children and Teen Anxiety – Judy Bartkowiak
  • (TBC) If we as practitioners have Sticky Money Blocks – Susie Shelmerdine