About FAST

We’re here for every healthcare and emergency worker who needs us. Our service will always be FREE of charge for anyone who registers for support. 

We’re entirely self-funded and rely on donations so we can continue supporting those who need us. 

Any donation you’re able to make will go a long way towards making this happen. 

To make a donation, click the link below.

Thank you.

If you’re a frontline UK healthcare or emergency  professional impacted by Covid-19, please click the link below to request support.

Here’s FAST’s story in a nutshell!!!

At the end of March 2020, professional therapist Wendy Stoten was asked by a colleague friend, Helen, to offer an online treatment to a family member. She was a nurse on a Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit in the middle of the first spike, and she was struggling with overwhelming stress. The change in just one short session was remarkable. Other requests followed, with equally remarkable results.

Wendy knew they had to roll this service out to as many frontline healthcare professionals as possible, and so, with Helen’s initial help, Frontline Assistance for Stress and Trauma (FAST) was created.

FAST quickly grew into a 35 strong team of qualified and experienced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioners all wishing to also volunteer their skills and expertise to meet this serious need. In May 2020, we extended our service to include all healthcare professionals, both NHS and private sector.

FAST Forward to now, and especially with the second wave, and third lockdown, FAST is seeing the level of stress and trauma experienced by frontline staff still increasing, and frequent signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder emerging.

One ICU Covid-19 ward sister told us, “This second wave is a million times worse than the first, because we now know what is coming”. She and her team were very scared, and questioning if they could possibly do it again. Can you begin to imagine what that must feel like?

We have to continue our service to these frontline heroes for as long as they need to reach out to access our support..

For over a year FAST has proved it’s super efficiency, EFT’s incredible effectiveness, and we, the FAST team, have grown our expertise in Covid-19 related issues.

FAST needs to be here to stay for as long as the devastation and destruction to mental health that Covid-19 has created remains.

AND…..This is where you come in.

If everyone who saw this appeal donated just the equivalent of a Starbucks we’d soon have enough to fund FAST’s operations costs for many months to come.

Just think what a difference that would make!

Every pound you can give will make a difference. If you’re not able to donate at the moment, could you help by sharing our campaign? We’d be really grateful.

Taking FAST forward!

Up to now we have raised for our basic set up and ongoing running costs but now we need to get properly established as a movement to be properly recognised.

We intend to formally register as a non-profit and we are in the process of researching which structure will work the best for FAST and the healthcare professionals we serve.

We would like to attract a steering committee of frontline, medical and mental health professionals who will offer guidance and vote on any decisions about the direction we take the organisation in.

Any money we raise over and above our basic running costs will help fund this necessary transition..

We’re so grateful for your support that thank you doesn’t seem enough but we’ll say it anyway. From all the team – thank you!