About FAST

We’re here for every healthcare and emergency worker who needs us.

We’re entirely self-funded and rely on donations so we can continue supporting those who need us.

Any donation you’re able to make will go a long way towards making this happen.

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If you’re a frontline UK healthcare or emergency  professional impacted by Covid-19,
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Three and a half years down the line and FAST Trauma Support is not need as much as, but MORE THAN ever


Here’s the FAST Story

At the end of March 2020, professional therapist Wendy Power Stoten was asked by a colleague friend, Helen, to offer an online treatment to a family member. She was a nurse on a Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit in the middle of the first spike, and she was struggling with overwhelming stress. The change in just one short session was remarkable. Other requests followed, with equally remarkable results.

Wendy knew they had to roll this service out to as many frontline healthcare professionals as possible, and so, with Helen’s initial help, Frontline Assistance for Stress and Trauma (FAST) was created.

FAST quickly grew into a 30 strong team of qualified and experienced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioners all wishing to also volunteer their skills and expertise to meet this serious “emergency first aid” need. In May 2020, we extended our service to include all healthcare professionals, in the Emergency Services, NHS and private sector.

FAST Forward to now, and especially with the second wave, and third lockdown, the trauma to all sides caused by real (care homes) and threatened mandatory vaccination, and now beyond with all the continuing uncertainty, staff shortages PLUS the Cost of Living Crisis  and more, FAST is seeing the levels of stress and trauma, burnout and exhaustion experienced by frontline staff still increasing, and frequent signs of Post (or rather Continuing) Traumatic Stress emerging.

We have to continue our service to these frontline heroes for as long as they need to reach out to access our support

Since March 202 FAST has proven its super efficiency, and EFT’s incredible effectiveness, and we, the FAST team, have grown our expertise in COVID-19 and most importantly healthcare and emergency service workers’ related issues.

FAST needs to be here to stay for as long as the devastation and destruction to mental health that COVID-19 has exacerbated remains.

How We’ve Taken FAST forward!

It was back in December 2020, we began to realise we were needed more than ever, with clients frequently commenting, “I wish we had access to FAST at work”.

How could we reach greater numbers of Emergency services and healthcare workers in the workplace, and where would we start?

A lightbulb moment!

What do the Emergency services do? – They Respond FAST to emergency needs…
What does FAST do?… EXACTLY the same …
the only difference is that
“we are responding FAST to the emergency needs of fast emergency responders!”

(our very own tongue twister!!)

Doors opened as they do when something is meant to be, and we began a 6-month FAST trial in collaboration with a UK police Constabulary’s welfare officer with highly successful results, which gave rise to the development of the FAST Model.

FAST Trauma Support Development Model

With the growing awareness of the vital need for mental health provision, there are exciting opportunities opening up to move FAST Forward on a national level. Our model can be easily tailored to suit every location and every Emergency Service. Our consistent results show we make a tangible difference and are extremely cost-effective.

FAST is gaining a solid reputation. Our presence and presentations at the Emergency Services Show at the NEC in 2021 and 2022 attracted a lot of interest and opportunities. We were also delighted to attend the Royal Foundation’s Emergency Services Mental Health Symposium at Silverstone in November 2022. We have recently been approached by larger organisations to assist in supporting Blue Light workers and Rescue services.

We are now the mental health providers for The British Fire Services Association. We are also in the process of setting up provisions for other organisations.

In February 2021, we became a Community Interest Company FAST TRAUMA SUPPORT CIC and we hope to eventually become self-financing from our work with organisations and enterprises and to attract funding to continue helping individuals who seek our support, especially those on low incomes.

However, until that time…

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This is where you come in…

Up to now, we have just raised enough for our basic setup and ongoing running costs.

Our time for 3 ½ years has been given for free.

However, in order for us to continue, to expand and to extend our vital work, we have to now become more sustainable.

Donations will allow us to offer more extended specialist sessions for those with PTSD symptoms, to collaborate with other organisations and so much more.

Please support us.

Every pound you can give will make a difference. If you’re not able to donate at the moment, could you help by sharing our campaign?

We’re so grateful for your support that thank you doesn’t seem enough but we’ll say it anyway. From all the team – thank you!