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When you’re so busy caring for others, it can be hard making sure that you’re getting the support you need too.

Getting help from FAST is quick, easy and FREE of charge.

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    We know you’re incredibly busy right now and finding time to care for yourself may be a challenge. Our practitioners aim to be as flexible as possible to accommodate this. 

    Once you’ve been connected with a practitioner, you will arrange your own mutually convenient session times between you.

    Sessions don’t have to take place on the same times or days each week and the gap between sessions isn’t fixed. You choose what works for you in conjunction with your practitioner.

    When you’re so busy caring for others, it can be hard making  sure that you’re getting the support you need too. 

    Getting help from FAST is quick, easy and FREE of charge.

    “I had a 45 minute EFT session with a FAST therapist and the effect was instant and dramatic.

    My experience of EFT was that it is extremely effective, it is side-effect free, and the improvement was immediate.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend this type of therapy.”

    Dr A Price. MA (Cantab) Mb BChir FRCGP

    How we help …

    Through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , our understanding, experienced practitioners can offer you a safe, supportive space to unload your concerns. They can help you dial down any stress, anxiety or trauma you may be experiencing, so that it becomes more manageable. 

    If you’d like to find out more about EFT, click the link below.