Frontline Emergency Medical Technician

“Andy is a true gent! Kind and honest. I used the EFT services, which were completely new to me. I have felt so much better, almost like a weight has been lifted! I can’t thank him enough”

Community Health Visitor

“Megan made this amazingly caring resource a safe place to feel, cry and explore ways to increase resilience, and gave me a new skill that I can really use and revisit. Thank you soooooooo much Megan”

Hospital Anesthetist

“I wanted to thank Nicky for her incredible compassion and professionalism with me. I also wanted FAST to know that, through Nicky, you are helping me so incredibly and I am so very grateful for your help”.

Frontline Nurse

“As a nurse living with anxiety issues, working throughout the COVID- 19 pandemic has proved challenging. Wendy’s training has been paramount in enabling me to be proactive in taking control of my feelings when needed. This type of EFT really worked for me. It’s...

Frontline Child Protection Social Worker

“My one to one sessions with Izzy were invaluable. Izzy is incredibly nurturing & compassionate which made it very easy to open up about difficult subjects. I had never previously heard of EFT or FAST but I am truly thankful to have experienced this indispensable...