Wendy Stoten with Janey Lee Grace

We were in for a treat! Against the odds (it’s a fair old hike from West Cornwall to London), I found myself wending my way to Bloomsbury on the morning of 15th September.

Wending indeed – This trip had started at the NEC in Birmingham where FAST had a stand for 2 days at the Emergency Services Show, and I had delivered the opening and closing presentations on the L&D stage.  On then straight to South-East London to settle my son into his new Uni accommodation and all the excitement plus heartstrings that pulled…

… And now here I was, final leg of the journey, outside the bright, colourful and vibrant Hello Love pop up shop, host to the Platinum Awards 2021. My ‘plus one’ was my lovely friend (and host for the previous night) Karen who, incidently, I’d met on MY first day of uni in the 80s! 

Wendy with Janey Lee Grace of Janey Loves Awards

We entered and were immediately welcomed by Janey Lee Grace who gave us a flute of delicious Sober Club no-alcohol prosecco and got us networking.

What a great bunch of people, all dedicated and passionate about health and wellbeing in their own unique ways, which became clear with the massive variety of awards Janey subsequently announced in her speech.

And…….I was delighted when she read out our name to receive a special Platinum Award on behalf of FAST Trauma Support- the icing on the cake……..followed by more icing in the form of a wonderful goody bag…


The FAST team were awarded the Janey Loves Awards Winner for Support Sessions

And NOW, a couple of weeks later, a cherry on top in finding that she has included me in her ‘Inspirers’ article in the Health Triangle magazine.

A big thanks to Janey, our wonderful FAST team and all of those who have encouraged and supported us over the last 18 crazy pandemic months. XWX

FAST Have been featured in The Inspirers
The Inspirers by Janey Lee Grace