FAST is exhibiting on Stands H30 & H32 in the Collaboration Zone of the Emergency Services Show 2023

Yes! It’s a real thing! Interesting fact: The first known description of exhibition fatigue was made by Benjamin Ives Gilman in the January 1916 edition of The Scientific Monthly.

Exhaustion or fatigue can be further divided into physical and mental fatigue.

  • Physical fatigue is caused by exhibitors standing; by visitors walking, and walking, both for extended periods of time, probably not drinking enough and not taking breaks!
  • Mental fatigue comes from:
  • For the exhibitor: A prolonged period of needing to remain highly attentive to attract visitors, keep their interest, get their business etc
  • For the visitors: A prolonged period of needing to remain highly attentive to an excessive number of exhibits, feeling saturated, finding your attention span declining, starting to feel confused, and unable to make any decisions!

Sound all too familiar? Not ideal when you only have 2 days!!

So…this year……beat the fatigue!


A warm (and calm) welcome awaits you on Stand H30-32.

Extra space this year allows us to also offer free mini EFT Tapping taster sessions.

The perfect boost for those with exhibition jade, feeling a bit stressy, or anything you chose!

Give our experienced EFT tappers just 5-10 MINUTES (or you are welcome to more if you have time), and we will get you back out there ready to rock n roll again!

You’ll have the chance to taste what FAST has been offering since March 2020 to hundreds of Healthcare and Emergency Services workers for their stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, trauma and PTSD (with 100% positive results and feedback to date) 

So! What’s not to like? PLUS, you’ll qualify for Free Entry into our exciting prize draw for giving it a go!

For those still needing tickets and to find out more click on this button below:

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