FAST response team t-shirts hanging up drying
The Emergency Services Show 2022 Logo NEC Birmingham

Just 3 weeks to go til the doors open at the NEC Hall 5 for ESS22 on 21st September for 2 days and our FAST preparations are in full swing!

As well as washing and ironing our FAST team gear (fab polo shirts), getting banners, and our stand (R28 Collaboration Zone) ideas together, I’ve been working on my presentation.

I’m so grateful for the expert help of Shereen Costley who, along with Rachael Thrower in our HR department, has been developing a Train the Trainer course for all those who want to up their skills or learn new skills for running top-notch training courses and also making presentations.

WATCH THIS SPACE. Shereen and Rachael are looking to test it out in the Autumn, so you could be a very lucky recipient if you apply. The tried and tested course can then be offered to Emergency Services, Healthcare and Business Organisations.

So…nearly there with my own presentation slides to meet the Show’s slide deadline!

I’ll be presenting on Thursday 22nd at 10:10 am on the coveted Health & Wellbeing stage this year.

My presentation title is ‘The FAST way to Health & Wellbeing. Proving how perception (and your fingertips) hold the key to resolving Blue Light Trauma’ – don’t we just love changing perceptions and the magic in our fingertips?


Image of a hand with a rainbow light showing on palm

I’d love to see you there in the audience if anyone fancies a day out at the NEC Birmingham with Police officers, Paramedics, the Fire service….and FAST! Though hopefully it’ll be recorded like last year, to be viewed on YouTube.

Find out more about the show and how to register (which also gets you free parking) on this link below:

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