elderly lady holding the hand of her female carer

Help Us Support Those Caring For Our Elderly Loved Ones By Donating The Cost of One Of Your Sessions

Our care home workers desperately need more support. Care homes are in crisis what with huge lack of staff! To mark FAST’s two year anniversary of providing help and so we can expand our vital work in this area, and in recognition and respect of the hundreds of sessions and hours of time the FAST team have given free of charge we are inviting all therapists and practitioners to donate the fee from just one session. We can only continue with your help and our work is needed more than ever.  

My nan, who will be 97 this year, is in a nursing home. She was taken there, from hospital, just before the first lockdown. It was heartbreaking not to be able to see her and I used to visit, just waving to her at the window. She would be confused (she has dementia) and beckon me in using her hands.

We’d try to have conversations but she’s also deaf and not very good at wearing her hearing aid, so the staff would be my interpreter. I didn’t stay for long because I knew they were very busy. But those few minutes kept me in touch with my nan at a time I worried whether she’d recognise me at all.

Do you have a loved one who’s in a care home or likely to need to be in a care home in the future? Are you worried about the quality of care that they’ll receive? Perhaps a friend or family member is a care home worker? During the last two years especially, our care home workers have worked tirelessly, often on minimum wage, often short staffed, needing to also ‘be family’ for residents when no visitors were allowed, feeling pressured, fearful of getting ill, the residents getting ill and dying and in many cases, this being the very reality. For most, it has been a traumatic time, and you, as practitioners and therapists know, without resolution, the body will still continue to carry it.

Imagine the quality of care that your loved one will receive from staff carrying this trauma, compared to those that have resolved it, that are more relaxed and patient. That’s what FAST are aiming for – a win for the staff; a win for our elderly – and we need your help. We’d like to offer up to 4 free EFT sessions up to 100 care workers over a 6 month period so that they can provide the best care possible to our elderly loved ones.

To help us achieve this, we would love you to donate the fee of ONE of your client sessions. For example, if you charge £50 per session, please donate £50. If you charge £100 per session, please donate £100. If you’d like to donate more, then obviously we’d be very grateful. In return, not only will you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you’ve made such a difference (we’ll tell you more about this below), but we’ll add you to our list of supporters and invite you to choose from one of our rewards, as a thank you. You’ll also be able to declare this amount on your self assessment as a charitable donation.

If you’re reading this and you’re not a practitioner, but love the idea of supporting our care home workers to support our elderly loved ones, please do!  We would be grateful of any donation!

About FAST

Let me tell you more about us. We are FAST (Frontline Assistance for Stress and Trauma), a Community Interest Company, founded in 2020 in response to the mental health difficulties amongst the emergency services which have been greatly exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Since 2020 FAST have provided 100’s of free sessions to NHS staff, healthcare workers, paramedics and the police, all with 100% positive feedback. FAST has won two awards for its services.

Your donation could change the lives of the care home workers, which, in turn, will positively impact the lives of the residents in the care homes. The access for other services have been so slow.  Our elderly and carehome workers need our FAST support. We may be two years down the line as far as the first lockdown is concerned, but people are still struggling with the effects.

This campaign celebrates our 2 year anniversary, we wish to continue and extend our support to reach a wider field that, through our care worker clients to date, we all know exists and is in vital need of our proven effective help. Who would have believed back when we started, that we’d be needed not just as much, but MORE than ever!?

Please help us by donating the fee of a session today, and sharing this with any other practitioners in your community either via email or social media profile/groups. We appreciate that you’re busy so please feel free to copy and paste the link to this blog to save time.