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Who we are & what we offer ...

Since FAST was launched we've been joined by a growing team of highly skilled trauma-experienced EFT practitioners. .

Our team has been chosen for their skill, empathy and dedication to bringing free, fast and effective online stress and trauma relief to the NHS professionals we work with. 

Our practitioners hold advanced qualifications and have extensive post-qualification training and experience working with acute stress and trauma. They are all volunteering their time free of charge to support frontline healthcare staff affected by Covid-19.

To ensure the continued wellbeing of our team we are providing ongoing informal clinical supervision and support throughout their time with FAST.

Because of the generous practitioners who have joined our team, we're able to offer healthcare and emergency workers support that is: 

  • Confidential
  • Non-judgemental
  • Understanding
  •  Empathetic
  • Calming
  •  Flexible
  •  Online

If you'd like our support during this difficult time, please click the link below. We'll respond quickly and it's completely free of charge.

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We're here for every healthcare and emergency worker who needs us. 

Our service will always be completely FREE of charge for anyone who registers for support.

We're entirely self-funded and rely on donations so we can continue supporting those who need us. 

Any donation you're able to make will go a long way towards making this happen.

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Thank you.

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What makes our service different?

You have probably seen a number of services offering support to healthcare and emergency workers during the Covid-19 crisis.

What makes FAST unique is that, unlike traditional counselling services, our sessions are centred around evidence-based Emotional Freedom Technique.  

EFT, which is better known as 'tapping therapy', has gained steadily increasing popularity over recent years - and for good reason!

At its core, EFT, which is also known as tapping therapy, is a powerful, self-help tool.  It allows the rapid dialling- down of anxiety, fear, anger and stress - all common and, often, debilitating experiences in ongoing high stress situations. 

Once the basic tapping points have been learned, EFT can be used at any time it's needed. When offered in a session with a trained practitioner, EFT combines the benefits of traditional therapeutic approaches with the rapid emotional reprocessing benefits specific to EFT.  

Emotional reprocessing techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique send calming signals to the amygdala - the brain's fight or flight centre - signalling that it can stand down. 

The thing that people often find most surprising about EFT is how rapidly EFT can work. It's not unusual to see a significant improvement in emotional and psychological issues - often in just one or two sessions. 

Once considered a fringe therapy, there is now an impressive amount of scientific research which clearly shows that EFT is a fast, safe and effective way to treat stress, anxiety, trauma and PTSD. 

Evidence-based Emotional Freedom Technique is:

  • Fast, safe and effective
  • Evidence-based
  • Useful in both short term and chronic stress and trauma situations

  • A brilliant self-help technique that you can draw on even outside of sessions

Emotional Freedom Technique can help with:

  • Feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress, anxiety & panic
  • Feelings of anger
  • Feelings of isolation and detachment
  • Coping with new and fast-moving high-stress situations
  • Managing acute, traumatic stress reactions