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We are offering one-to-one highly effective, long-lasting emotional support for ALL fro​ntline healthcare & emergency services workers in the UK impacted in their work and life by excessive stress and trauma


“I’d go as far as to say that every single human, no matter what profession, should have this FAST support. It would make a much better world!” 

A.M. Police Officer

FAST Trauma Support was born out of an emergency response and desire to help our frontliners survive the horrific fears, overwhelm and trauma brought on by the initial COVID 19 outbreak.

It is now over 3½ years since FAST began. With the added COST of LIVING crisis, we are now needed EVEN MORE than ever to help with anxieties, burnout, exhaustion, continuing stress and symptoms of PTSD.

Whether you’re based in the NHS, public or private sector care, or the Emergency Services, we’re here to offer our therapeutic skills, expertise and time to help you release stress & trauma, and share highly effective, yet simple self-help tools that can be used anywhere, any time.

How Our Offer Works

Our FAST service was offered free of charge for 2 ½ Covid crisis years, and we received no Government grants or funding.

However in order to continue our valuable work, we now have to become sustainable. Therefore, if you are able, your donation contributions towards your sessions are encouraged and greatly appreciated. If you are in a position to ‘Pay one Forward’ as well, that would be awesome. (N.B. FAST has pledged to always give free of-charge sessions to those not in a financial position to contribute in these difficult times- no questions asked)


All our practitioners hold advanced qualifications and have extensive post-qualification training and experience working with trauma. Confidence is key when it comes to our services.


As a healthcare or emergency worker during Covid, with the added pressures of the cost of living crisis, you’ve faced a period of unprecedented stress and uncertainty.  Any problem, big or small, we can help, with no judgement and a listening ear.



As healthcare professionals, we understand the environment you may be experiencing. As well as this, every member of staff is highly trained to ensure you feel understood throughout the whole process.


If you’ve been impacted by the Covid or Cost of Living crisis in any way – whether recently, or from the very early stages – our service is here to support you. Even just a couple of shorter sessions can make a big difference to how you feel – and to your quality of life.


You don’t have to be experiencing constant high anxiety to benefit from our service – and Covid-19 doesn’t have to be the main focus of the sessions. In fact, many of our clients who waited to request help commented that they wish they’d got in touch sooner. Talk through your issues with us, and realise the calm and clarity you could be experiencing.


We know this is an extremely busy time for all healthcare and emergency workers, especially with the shortage of staff issues. That’s why we’ve aimed to make our service as flexible as possible. If you’re a frontline professional and you’re only able to make one or two EFT sessions, we’d still encourage you to get in touch. We frequently receive ‘life-saving’, ‘life-changing’ feedback.


Minimal contact and maximum convenience. Fit the help you need into your schedule.

What is EFT?

Tangible, long-term effects from our sessions can usually be gained fast.  We are FAST by name; fast by nature!!

We suggest trying up to four Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions.

To find out more about EFT and why it is so effective in acute stress situations, click the link below

What our clients are saying …

“When I first connected with my FAST EFT therapist on Zoom, my overwhelm was so intense I couldn’t even speak. Everything was a scrambled mass of mixed emotions. I mirrored the practitioner’s tapping while she gently reassured me, making me feel safe to acknowledge and tune in to my feelings, and they all began to unravel til the intensities lowered. I started to think straight again and, with her help, started to change the way I had been looking at things, putting a different light on them. It felt so liberating and, to my surprise ( and relief) the results have lasted since then. Just brilliant!”



Supporting You Every Step Of The Way


Our support has immediate impact…


“An amazing free service that has helped me to keep going at the most intense time of my life.

We do not need clapping we need resources like FAST and its nurturing ethos. Money invested bottom up, so we can direct it to those in need. Please consider donating to FAST right now so they can carry on.

FAST is an incredibly caring resource that created a safe place to feel, cry and explore ways to increase resilience, with EFT tapping as a new skill that I can really use and revisit”

Healthcare Visitor

“Before my FAST experience I was off the rating out of 10. It was 1000!

In my first session I saw a change down to 3/10 and it has not gone back up. I find the techniques very functional, with real life relevance and applicable, which results in a positive impact in my ability to cope.
I wanted to thank you for your incredible compassion and professionalism with me. All of you are so kind to donate your time and expertise to people like us and of course we can never thank you enough for this. Thank you ever so much for helping me.”

Hospital GP

“FAST was introduced to me by a friend who knew I needed help. I have a stressful job, in the heart of Corvid19. Mainly caring on the palliative care side where death has been frequent. My memory was failing me. I had become isolated. I was struggling to converse, and even eat and drink. My amazing FAST practitioner helped dial down my stress, bring back clarity and re-charge my energy. If you need help like I did, please turn to a FAST practitioner. I have no doubt it will be a positive step to recovery. Please reach out. FAST is amazing.”

Palliative Care Worker

“Being able to talk has really helped. Naming the issue, seeing it, all the while tapping, has been the most valuable. I understand it now. I have a got better and feel. I regularly use the tapping if I feel a panic attack coming on. I no longer need my asthma pump and don’t even know where it is!”

Care Home Worker

“FAST has helped me be able to accept any feelings and question negative beliefs. To have a way out of negative thought spirals.
I am so grateful. It’s such a generous offering and it was so needed. I really would like more people who are carers to access resources like this to help them process their feelings and emotions, and especially after what we have been through in this pandemic”

Hospital Consultant

“I admit I was skeptical about EFT. However, I have personally learnt how EFT can have amazing results in treating fear and anxiety relating to traumatic events either present or past.
A simple yet powerful, non-invasive method that yields really quick, long lasting results and which also gives a self-help tool that can be used at any time and in any place. It can’t take away what front-line workers are having to deal with, but it will definitely help them cope with the emotional burden they are inevitably carrying”

Practice GP

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Since FAST began in April 2020, 100% of the frontline professionals who used our service reported significantly reduced stress levels and an overall improvement in emotional wellbeing…in only 4 sessions or less!

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