The Janey Loves 2021 Platinum Awards - Vote for FAST

Exciting news at FAST – we are up for an award!!! ?? ???❤️?⭐️???
(I think that justifies an overindulgence in emojis, right?!?)

Our amazing practitioners have been giving their time and skills for free to support the emotional & mental well-being of the UK’s Healthcare and Emergency workers for the past 15 months and we intend to be here for the long term. Having gained so much Covid related experience and 100% positive feedback we are in the perfect position to address rapidly rising cases of PTS amongst those accessing our support.

So if you can spare just 1 min to Vote for us, we would SO appreciate it!!!

⭐️2021 Janey Loves PLATINUM Awards⭐️

Presented for excellence and innovation in Natural, Organic and Eco products and services.

Follow the link below, scroll through our story, then click on “Vote for Us” and fill in like this:

> Name of Brand: FAST
> Name of Product: Support sessions
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