Wendy Stoten is a finalist in the Women's Business Club Awards

Great news – our founder Wendy Stoten has been nominated and is a finalist in The Women’s Business Club Awards!

The Women’s Business Awards celebrates women’s professional achievements across the globe. There are unsurprisingly many incredible nominees for each award. Our founder Wendy has been nominated for the GIVING BACK AWARD – “For someone who has gone above and beyond to help the community and those in need.”

As those following FAST will know, Wendy set up FAST as an emergency response to the initial COVID-19 spike, to help all our healthcare and emergency services workers who were overwhelmingly stressed and traumatised in that first spike when the potential extent of virus’ destruction was unknown.

Wendy wanted to GIVE BACK to those selfless heroes in the most effective way she personally could – by gifting free of charge emergency first aid sessions using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She put her own business to one side, to dedicate herself, her skills, expertise and time voluntarily to this mission.

Wendy quickly gathered a 30 strong, incredible FAST team of like-minded advanced EFT practitioners, and 18 months later they are still supporting and needed more than ever.

Wendy knows FAST has an extremely important role to play in the mental health pandemic plaguing the UK and indeed the world.

As well as heading up the FAST team, she has also worked tirelessly to expand FAST and raise the awareness, acceptance and use of EFT and its phenomenal effectiveness in trauma cases. If you browse this website, you will quickly see her achievements to date.

BUT it doesn’t stop there. Wendy is working to get FAST support established into Police constabularies and other emergency services, to offer effective help to those workers who 18 months down the Covid line, are exhausted and have been often left traumatised through the course of their work. With FAST’s support they can move to not only ‘survive’ but on to ‘thrive’, enhancing not only their own lives and careers, but their performance in the workplace and to the public they serve.

So many that have received FAST’s support have stated how it has been ‘life-saving- and ‘life-changing’. And, in terms of Wendy’s nomination, if that is not testimony to GIVING BACK, I’m not sure what is!  And this is why you might be kind enough to consider voting for her.

To vote for Wendy just click on the images or the button below and then click “Vote”.  Please choose the Award Category “Giving Back Award”.   Voting closes the end of November.

Thanks for taking the time to vote!

Wendy Stoten is a finalist in Women's Business Awards 2021
Wendy Stoten is a finalist in the Womens Business Awards